What are Industrial Transfer Carts?

What are Industrial Transfer Carts?

Yektamak Machinery and Engineering, which produces engineering solutions in a 5000 m2 closed production area, produces industrial transfer carts for the heavy load transfer needs of industrial enterprises under the Seyiton brand.

With Seyiton transfer trolleys with a carrying capacity of up to 1000 tons, heavy loads are easily transported inside or outside the factory. Operating with high efficiency, Seyiton transfer carts provide businesses with high profits in terms of time and personnel.

Special Industrial Transfer Carts Solutions for Your Needs

Transfer needs of businesses; They may differ depending on factors such as business operation and production capabilities. Seyiton produces solutions for these needs of businesses with the transfer carts it produces. While the produced transfer carts can have manual controlled or autonomous movement capabilities, power supply systems; It can be divided into battery, wireless, cable drum and busbar supply.

Rail transfer carts moving on a pre-placed rail track can be preferred especially for businesses that carry out regular load transfer from one point to another on a fixed line, while multi-steering transfer carts with high maneuverability and without rail can perform transfers independently of the route.

Another important factor affecting the choice of transfer cart is power supply systems. In vehicles, battery poweredwireless energy transfer cable drum or busbar power supply systems can be preferred. In battery systems, the cart gets its power from the battery or battery with a high charge capacity, while in wireless systems, this power requirement is met by the wireless power transfer systems placed under the ground along the line. Carts with cable drum power systems, among other power supply systems, can reach the energy they need via cable, while busbar-powered power systems can reach the energy they need via busbar.

Apart from these basic customizations, modules can be added to the cart according to the nature of the product to be transported. For example, the V bed module is added to the transfer carts to be used for bobbin transport, ensuring safe and ergonomic transfer of bobbins. Or a certain skid, fixture, etc. With the hydraulic lifting module for the transfer of the products carried on the structure, the trolleys can enter under this structure and lift the product together with the structure and transfer it. Special apparatus and modules can be designed and integrated into carts in line with different needs. With all these features, Seyiton offers effective solutions to transfer needs, optimize work safety and increase productivity.

Industrial Transfer Carts
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