Sheet Coil Transfer Carts

Sheet Coil Transfer Carts

Uninterrupted heavy load transfers between the complex production lines of manufacturing are one of the most important factors for a business. As Seyiton, we create special solutions with our specially crafted coil transfer carts to meet your business needs and ensure uninterrupted product flow between halls.

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Special Module for Carried Products

Transfer carts are manufactured with rail, trackless and autonomous (AGV) motion capabilities and battery, wireless and cable drum power supply systems. While the rail heavy load transfer carts are suitable for businesses that need transfer in a certain direction, trackless and autonomous carts are more suitable for variable directions.

Another factor to consider in transfer cart design is the type and weight of the carried product. For example, coil transfer carts use a V bed module due to carried product structure. With this module, occupational accidents such as falls or rollover are prevented when the products are carried.

Another factor to consider in purchasing coil transfer carts is the movement capability selection for the cart. Low cost and easy maintenance tracked coil transfer carts are the mainly selected carts. And, the manufactured carts are entirely designed for the needs.

You can view our specially designed coil transfer carts from the video below.

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