Rail Transfer Carts

Transfer carts produced by Seyiton brand of Yektamak Machinery and Engineering are designed to offer the highest performance and quality. Energy supply systems and maneuverability are the most distinctive features of these transfer vehicles. According to the differences,  the system can be divided into groups such as contactless power transfer vehicle, battery-powered transfer vehicle, cable drum transfer vehicle and busbar transfer vehicle. Seyiton transfer vehicles offer customer-oriented solutions with a capacity to meet all the demands up to 1000 tons. Our products are designed and manufactured in conformity with EN standards and CE directives as well as Health and Safety Regulations.

busbar beslemeli transfer arabaları

Busbar Transfer Carts

It allows for safe transfer of the vehicle to the desired station without energy interruption thanks to the energy it receives from the highly-installed busbar
Rail Transfer Carts
Kablo Tamburlu Transfer Arabaları

Transfer Carts Powered By Cable Drum

Cable drum transfer vehicles are designed with energy supply systems with retractable cable drums.
Rail Transfer Carts
Kablosuz Enerjili Raylı Transfer Arabaları

Wireless Powered Transfer Carts

Wireless powered transfer carts, transfers loads with the contactless (wireless) energy transfer system installed on the ground.
Rail Transfer Carts
raylı akülü transfer arabaları

Rail Battery Powered Transfer Carts

Trackless Battery Powered Transfer Carts facilitates the process for the operator in terms of control as power is supplied by a battery-power source.
Rail Transfer Carts