Heavy Duty Transfer Carts

Heavy Duty Transfer Carts

Heavy duty transfer carts designed for industrial use have a carrying capacity of up to 1000 tons. You can do your job safely thanks to the heavy-duty transport carts produced with the difference of Seyiton. Our products are specially designed according to customer needs. Our product designs are made with extreme precision and we prefer models that will provide high efficiency while designing. All our models have sound and light warning systems. In addition, all transfer cars provide affordable spare parts solution.

All of our products are designed in accordance with international quality standards and have TÜV approvals and CE certificates.

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Special Heavy Duty Transfer Carts

heavy duty transfer cart

All of our products are specially prepared in line with the company’s needs. Therefore, the needs must be determined first. There are several important criteria when determining needs. The first of these criteria is the power supply system to be used. The power supply systems we use as Seyiton are battery powered, cordless and cable drum. While cordless systems are fed from the battery in their body, wireless systems are fed from the wireless power supply system on the line. Cable drum systems, on the other hand, provide their energy supply through the cable drum.

Another criterion to be considered is the process process and ground structure of the enterprise. Seyiton has 4 different motion module options specific to the business structure. These; They are rail, non-rail and autonomous (AGV) heavy-duty transfer carts. heavy duty rail transfer carts move in a linear space. In areas where rail systems are used, heavy-duty transport cars move between certain routes. Railless heavy-duty transport trolleys, on the other hand, move independently of the route according to the needs that may arise. Autonomous heavy duty carts (AGV) are designed in accordance with the latest technology and are suitable for enterprises with mass production processes.

You can save time and personnel thanks to heavy-duty transport carts designed according to your needs.

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Trackless Battery Transfer Carts

Trackless Battery Transfer Carts

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